Marketing is all about building relationships, be it with internal or external customers. That’s why All About Clicks prides itself on the fact that ALL of our clients have come from referrals. Most have been with us 8+ years (since we struck out on our own).

They like the fact that we are a small firm, so every customer is big.

They like our experience (we are not young bucks), seeing ourselves as way more than an outsourced arm of their marketing – we’re integral players in their success. We’re not a hit-and-run Internet marketing firm. We build long term relationships with our clients, their partners, and ultimately their customers.

Because we are a virtual firm, we all work remotely so our overhead is low. No fancy downtown offices or killing trees with copy machines (we’re almost paperless). Therefore, our rates are more reasonable than a large firm.

We have the right combination of people – the analytical, the creative, the outgoing, and the early adopters who keep us on course with what’s hot and what’s new. We’re like a family, and we extend this camaraderie to our clients.

We don’t specialize in one industry or one geographic location. We can go anywhere. Not in Denver? Skype us or we’ll come to you. Our niche is helping small- to medium-sized clients who want to grow.

We don’t take on clients unless we think they are a good fit – the client’s commitment to success is one of the most important components of our relationships. Our clients understand that success doesn’t come overnight, but with the right hands at the wheel, it does come. They agree that building a successful business is a process, and they’re committed for the long term.

Most importantly, we get results. As our clients go to different jobs, they often take us with them. They trust us to produce. To make them shine. Some are presidents, vice presidents, marketing specialists or IT professionals. We build a rapport with clients in a diverse range of positions.

When you engage All About Clicks, you get our experience in Internet marketing (20+ years), our boundless energy (we drink Red Bull), and our sense of humor and creativity.

But never mistake that for a lack of intenseness. We produce – period.

Meet us. We’re confident you’ll LIKE us!

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