Click [klik] to select especially in a computer interface by pressing a button on a control device (as a mouse)

Let's Talk Clicks

There are all types of clicks... free clicks, paid clicks, and social clicks. There are single clicks, double clicks, and right clicks.

At All About Clicks, we care about the clicks that help grow your business and inspire your customers to take one or all of the following actions:

  • Buy a product or service
  • Visit your brick and mortar store
  • Ask for information
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Refer you

And we care about the ‘hidden' benefit of those actions. Each of them raises awareness of your brand. The more customers are able to find you--the larger the number of customers who will wind up looking for you!

All the Pieces Must Fit Together

Years ago, internet marketing meant putting up a website, even just a single page, with a phone number for your customers to call you.

Now the Internet landscape has become quite complex. You need to have all of the following strategies working together to drive your business's performance:


Your website is the foundation of all your Internet marketing efforts.
It must be architecturally sound, easy to navigate, have a clear call to action and be highly visible and inviting.

Pay-Per Click Programs

Where your customers can find you in the search engines and websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Through high profile organic listings in the major search engines, local directories, online yellow pages and industry-specific directories.

Social Networking

Engage your customers, drive traffic to your website, spread your brand message, and increase your customer base.

Any of these elements can fail independently. Collectively, they are powerful.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that you could spend 20 hours/week monitoring your online "self"! Phew! As a business owner, we're guessing you don't actually have 20 "extra" hours a week, do you?

That's where All About Clicks comes in. We know how to turn visitors into customers, clicks into conversions, and business networks into business opportunities. We have the experience and bandwidth to streamline your online presence and the analytical skills plus the creative flair to make sure it's cost effective. Our passion for what we do makes us accountable to you— your success, your objectives, and your bottom line.

We've met different objectives for different clients. We've grown lead flow by 30%. Increased conversion rates from 5% to 25%. Strengthened consumer relations and turned a brand's reputation through social media.

Our bottom line?  We're all about results!

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