According to Google, there are 1 trillion (as in 1,000,000,000,000) unique URLs.

How do you make yours stand out?

With backgrounds in consulting, engineering, marketing, and technology, we’ve found the right combination of left-brained and right-brained people to manage effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to write compelling ads and keep up-to-date on Google’s ever-changing algorithms; to analyze the effect the merger of Yahoo and Bing will have on advertisers; to set up the proper tracking codes to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and all its components.

Many of our clients have tried to manage their own PPC campaigns. Unfortunately, if you don’t live and breathe it everyday like we have for the past 15 years, it’s virtually impossible to keep up with the avalanche of performance data and what it all means. The statistics can be overwhelming – the importance of conversions, goal funnels, remarketing, impression share, and more. We know what it all means and more importantly, how to use it to help you drive your business's success.

We’ve been working with Google AdWords since its inception and have kept on top of all its iterations – the addition of content networks, mobile ads, and video ads.  We’ve worked with Yahoo and Bing since their infancy, enabling our PPC customers to own their brands, increase foot traffic into their stores, and sell both products and services across many industries. What have been the results for our customers?

  • ROI improvement
  • Revenue improvement
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Competitor monitoring and trademark protection
  • And much more

Here’s what you can expect from our PPC programs:

Conversion-Driven PPC Management

We focus on the quality of the clicks more than the quantity.  We never overlook the value of a high Click Through Rate and a great Quality Score, but the bottom line is increasing lead flow and lowering the cost per conversion.

No Outsourcing, No Automated Software

Many competitors have software programs that try to emulate what we do for our customers. In fact, we have tried many of them.

The result? Some day computers may replace humans--but today is not that day. No computer program can replace the combination of hard data analysis and intuition needed to get the most out of an advertising campaign.

Low Monthly Fees, High Success

We charge a flat fee/month to run your campaigns versus a percentage of your budget –we recommend the budget that will work best for your campaign, not one that increases our own fees. We also charge a set up fee which includes campaign creation, keyword research, copywriting ads, defining your conversion goals, and ensuring that the proper tracking is in place.

No Limits on Numbers of Ad Groups or Keywords

We use keyword research tools that are comprehensive and include suggestions for competitive keywords, positive and negative keywords, and frequently used misspellings. We use search trends, data sets, and real world searches performed by your customers to find the best combination of price and performance for each individual client.

Call Tracking

We use call tracking to provide additional campaign performance data. Calls can be recorded for clients interested in monitoring sales calls and using them as training tools

Click Fraud Monitoring

We monitor client campaigns for click fraud and request refunds when appropriate.


Before we ever begin a campaign, we make sure it has the right tracking tools to make informed decisions. We provide you with an in-depth report monthly and a one-on-one phone call to discuss the status of your campaigns. We build on the positive and retire what’s not working.

As per Google's requirements and for your own safety and information, we ask that you read the Advertiser Guide:

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