Search Engine Optimization

90% of people who perform a search will click links on the first page of the search results only. Is your website on the first page across multiple search engines, directories, and social media platforms? Is your competitor's?

With more than 85% of all  website traffic originating from search engines and social media sites that rival the population of large countries, it is important to rank high in the search engines, to leverage social media and pay-per-click advertising and your website design, and to keep at the forefront of the search engine’s constantly changing algorithms. Here are some of the SEO practices we perform for our clients to increase their visibility:

Keyword Research

Natural search drives the most traffic of all channels, responsible for nearly half (47%) of all visits. SEO is “keyword centric.” We identify the words or phrases your target audience will most likely use when searching for your site’s content and populate these throughout your text, site architecture, and social media efforts.

Keyword research alone isn’t enough, though. No matter how often you populate your website pages with your preferred keywords, you need to do more – you need to advertise and monitor your brand’s online presence.

Website Submissions

We’ll submit your website to search engines, online yellow page directories, local directories, consumer review sites, and industry-specific directories so that you dominate locally, nationally or even internationally.

Brand Management

We set up “Alerts” to manage your reputation, respond quickly to customer feedback, and see what your competition is up to.

Social Media

We integrate all aspects of social media, including websites dedicated to social bookmarking, social news, social networking and social videos.

SEO Best Practices

We develop both on page and off page strategies, including link building techniques – article links, competitive links, .edu and .gov, links, PR links, forum posting and more.

The rules for SEO change constantly as data flies across the web at lightning speed. We ensure that it’s your information that is displayed prominently, and that your content is informative and enticing. Today’s marketing practices are about more than just selling a product or service— they’re about creating an “experience”, one that arouses the consumer’s senses, engages their minds, and causes them to perform an action.

SEO can be painstaking and time-consuming. There is no magic formula for overnight success. SEO is a consistent practice that builds over time.

That’s why we take a very hands-on approach to search engine optimization and avoid automatic submission and black flag practices that can hurt you in the long run.

There are many SEO companies out there of varying degrees of talent, ethics, and commitment to service and results. We don’t believe in link farms, cloaking, hidden text and doorway pages. If we can’t achieve high rankings in the search engines legitimately, we don’t belong in the SEO business.

It’s all about visibility. It’s all about ensuring that every dollar you spend will reach it’s highest potential.

If you want a strong online presence, it’s All About Clicks!

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