Your Website

The average person spends 30 seconds on your website. What is the main message you want to convey in under a minute?

Your website is your face to the world. The “voice” of your company 24/7, in many cases the first (even the only) interaction your prospects or visitors will have with your company. Presenting a strong, dynamic, easy-to-use, interactive experience for them is essential.

Just building a website is easy. Creating a website that is SEO friendly, ranks high in the search engines, appeals to your audience on an emotional level, and leads them to act -- that is a lot tougher.

That’s where All About Clicks is up to the challenge. That’s what we do. We can start from scratch or, if you already have a website, our job will be to enhance it and appeal to customers and search engines alike.

Website Design and Structure.

Your SEO efforts are only as good as your website platform. We combine the best practices of SEO into the architectural back end including spiderability; title, meta and description optimization; creation of XML and HTML site maps; correct use of URLs, etc. We strike a balance between your objectives, your call to action, and presenting quickly and clearly the exact information, product, or service that your customers are looking for.

Website Content

We assemble numerous touch points including a blog, social media, videos embedded on YouTube, white papers, email newsletters, RSS feeds, etc. We write text and blogs that are compelling and keyword rich so that we give your customers something worth reading.

Website Tracking

We integrate analytics that give you keen insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness, details on how the search engines crawl and index your site, and any specific problems your customers may have accessing it.

Now your website is built. “If you build it they will come” is not the reality online. The next step is to make sure your customers can find you faster and easier than they find your competition.

Here’s how we do it. We  form a strategic Internet marketing plan around search engine optimization, pay-per-click programs, social media marketing, conversion optimization, and search-optimized web design. Then, we tenaciously go to work so you can quickly dominate your online competition.

Our Website Design/Redesign Goals

  • Increase your business inquiries and revenue
  • Allow your clients to easily access your product information
  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Create a favorable business image in which you’re responsive to your customers

Our passion? To drive more traffic to your website. More customers. More business. More sales.

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